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Application Areas of Industrial Communication Gateways30 2024-05

Application Areas of Industrial Communication Gateways

Industrial communication gateways play a vital role in many key areas, and their diverse application scenarios can be summarized as follows:
Distributed Control System Architecture30 2024-05

Distributed Control System Architecture

Distributed control system is an advanced control technology that connects multiple distributed control units through a network to realize digital control of devices in different locations.
Functions of Industrial Communication Gateways29 2024-05

Functions of Industrial Communication Gateways

As an important hub of modern industrial production, the core role of industrial communication gateways is to connect different networks and realize efficient and secure data transmission.
What Is a Wireless Communication Module?29 2024-05

What Is a Wireless Communication Module?

A wireless communication module is a device that integrates wireless communication functions. It usually consists of a wireless chip, an antenna, and other necessary components.
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