• Distributed Control System

    The UWNTEK high quality UW500a distributed control system uses technologies such as control equipment redundancy and fault tolerance, online monitoring of performance degradation, and highly adaptable intelligent modules for its hardware devices. Its software platform adopts multi-domain engineering object models, cluster distributed real-time databases, and multi-language integrated programming development environments. Security control and security prevention technologies; it is a new generation of high-end main control system with high reliability, high security, high adaptability, large-scale characteristics, high quality and stability. Control station scale: AIO: 1024, DIO: 2048; system scale: AIO: 63488, DIO: 126976.

    Technical Features

    Full hardware redundancy and fault tolerance, no single point of failure; single and multiple hardware redundancy voting, switching time is 5-50ms;

    Highly adaptable intelligent module, with few types and multiple functions, software selects signal type, online correction, and automatically compensates for temperature and time drift;

    Intrinsically safe bus IO module series saves safety barriers, isolation barriers, installation space and wiring maintenance workload;

    Full coverage diagnosis and error-proof protection, supports external line diagnosis, supports over-current, over-voltage, reverse connection, wrong connection and other fault protection;

    Multi-domain engineering object model, industry algorithm library reconstruction and reuse mechanism, automatic generation of control programs, improving programming efficiency by 80%;

    Multi-language optimizing compiler, multi-user collaborative programming, online programming, simulation debugging, and remote updates reduce maintenance costs;

    Distributed global real-time database, domain data scale of 300,000 points, driver pool, system data and external data are directly referenced;

    Cluster distributed real-time database, cluster data scale 2-10 million points, data capacity: 100TB-10PB;

    The network security control module supports security control and security prevention, enabling trusted communication, anomaly detection, tampering interception, etc.

    The UW500n (UWinPAS500) distributed control system is based on a fully intelligent, fully digital, and fully networked design; it realizes hybrid integrated control of process control, logic control, sequence control, and equipment control; it supports advanced control and process optimization strategies; it is highly reliable , high security, high adaptability, large-scale characteristics, high-quality and stable new generation main control system. Control station scale: AIO: 512, DIO: 1024; system scale: AIO: 10752, DIO: 21504.

    Technical Features

    Full hardware redundancy and fault tolerance, no single point of failure; single and dual hardware redundancy voting mechanism, switching time 50ms;

    Intelligent module, few types and multiple functions, software selects signal type, reduces spare parts, online correction, automatic compensation;

    Supports point-to-point isolation, point-to-point isolation, point-to-point power distribution, and point-to-point online replacement of I/O modules, adapting to high-security fields;

    Supports self-diagnosis, self-recovery, fault isolation, and online repair of channels/modules/modules/networks for easy maintenance;

    Open modular structure design eliminates the cage, bottom plate, terminal board, etc., and double-sided installation saves transfer cables and cabinets;

    Distributed global real-time database, data scale of 100,000 points, efficient compression algorithm, global direct reference of data;

    IEC61131-3 standard, FBD, LD, SFC, ST, IL multi-language mixed programming environment, online programming, simulation debugging;

    The real-time data quality stamp function ensures the reliability and credibility of real-time data;

    C/S or B/S mode, Web access, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and other smart terminals can browse directly.

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    Distributed Control System
  • Electronic Wiring Control System

    Electronic wiring control system from China UWNTEK is a technology that uses "electronic circuits or bus networks" to eliminate or replace physical wiring, that is, to eliminate the physical wiring of field instrument signals from the field junction box to the intermediate wiring cabinet and then to the I/O card, and in the electronic Multifunctional and programmable terminals enable one conversion to reduce corresponding cable connections. Electronic wiring technology is a major technological innovation for traditional control systems. It is innovative and practical, and brings good economic benefits to customers.

    Technical Features

    • Software-defined I/O signal types

    Supports multiple signal types such as AI/AO/DI(SOE)/DO/RTD/TC/PI/NAMUR, no need to unbox software for online configuration

    • Fully redundant and fault-tolerant design

    I/O processing modules, I/O modules, communication and power modules are fully redundant

    • Single channel hot-swappable

    The module is completely isolated, supports single-point hot swapping, and can be quickly replaced and installed.

    • Integrated safety barrier function

    I/O modules can be connected directly to intrinsically safe equipment in zones 0/1/2

    • Flexible allocation of I/O components

    Can be assigned to other controllers without moving any I/O wiring

    • Complete diagnostic capabilities

    Not only can the internal diagnosis of the module be realized, but also the circuit diagnosis can be realized;

    • Support HART 7 communication

    • Complies with TÜV SIL3 certification for functional safety

    • Obtain integrated explosion-proof certificate

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    Electronic Wiring Control System
  • Safety Control System

    The UWNTEK UW500s (UWinPAS500s) & UW510s (UWinPAS510s) safety control system is a high-security, high-reliability, and highly adaptable safety control system independently developed for safety-related systems or demanding tasks. Its hardware devices adopt technologies such as hardware module redundancy and fault tolerance, high-availability security modules, and high-security industrial networks. The software platform adopts technologies such as multi-domain engineering object models, real-time control of safe operation, and endogenous security active defense.

    The safety control system consists of a safety control station, a programming monitoring computer and network equipment; the safety control station consists of a safety control module, a safety analog input module, a safety digital input module, a safety digital output module, a network switch module, a power module and It is composed of matching terminal blocks; it has the characteristics of high reliability, high availability, high safety and high adaptability, including UW500s safety control system (SIL2) and UW510s safety control system (SIL3).

    UW500s is suitable for safety-related applications in low-demand and high-demand modes defined by IEC61598. It complies with the SC2 system capability level and SIL2 hardware safety integrity level defined by IEC61508, and has passed the SIL2 level safety evaluation certification; control station size: AI: 512, DIO: 10242, system size, AI: 16384, DIO: 32768.

    UW510s is suitable for safety-related applications in low-demand and high-demand modes defined by IEC61598. It complies with the SC3 system capability level and SIL3 hardware safety integrity level defined by IEC61508, and has passed the SIL3 level safety evaluation certification; control station size: AI: 512, DIO: 1024, system size, AI: 16384, DIO: 32768.

    Technical Features

    Full hardware module redundancy and fault tolerance; realize dual or quadruple hardware redundancy of each node, each module, each channel and each signal type of control, network, I/O, power supply, and monitoring; no single point of failure, support Homogeneous or heterogeneous redundancy enhances system functional safety and information security;

    The safety function module has hardware diagnosis, software diagnosis, engineering program diagnosis, etc., and realizes rapid recovery from occasional failures through hardware random failure re-execution recovery, software diversity execution recovery, etc.; supports module redundant configuration, multi-level voting mechanism, and online hot replacement , 2-2-0 downgrade in redundant configuration; passed independent third-party functional safety IEC61508 SIL2 certification;

    High anti-interference and low power consumption design, in line with national or international (ESD/RS/EFT/SURGE) level 4a, (CS/DIP/CE/RE) level 3a, with strong anti-interference and electromagnetic environment Adaptability; low power consumption, natural convection fanless thermal design, improves ambient temperature adaptability;

    Highly adaptable intelligent modules adopt technologies such as online correction, line diagnosis, fault isolation, online plugging and unplugging, fault protection, and smart buses to meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments and control engineering complexity;

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    Safety Control System
  • Control Engineering Application Software Platform

    The China UWNTEK control engineering application software platform is based on multi-platform heterogeneous systems such as Windows 7/Windows , real-time execution of control algorithms, graphic monitoring and real-time operation, massive historical database, alarm and safety mechanisms, operating event records, engineering design document support and other functions are integrated into one. The engineering station programming and configuration software, the operator station graphic monitoring software, and the field control station real-time control software run on different levels of hardware platforms respectively. They interact with various data, management and control information through the control network and system network to coordinately Complete various functions of the entire distributed control system.

    Technical Features

    A control engineering design and development platform based on multi-domain engineering object models, by establishing a typical control engineering model library (static and dynamic models and process data), a control method library (equipment control and process optimization algorithms and operating parameters), and a display interface library (display and Operation panel), build a multi-domain description model library of basic components, unit equipment, and industry equipment step by step, "build" equipment models in a reused manner, and "build" running programs in a reconstructed mode. By abstracting, isolating, and loosening The data (constants, parameters, variables, etc.), functions (calculations, semantics, etc.), and graphics (lines, polygons, color blocks, etc.) can be modeled in a multi-domain manner to build a closely related and physically meaningful engineering object model, engineering Control strategy and display operation panel realize intuitive, efficient and stable control engineering design and programming;

    Propose real-time data quality stamps to identify the quality status of the data. Combined with hardware redundancy status, it covers channel faults, sampling deviations, range overruns, network status and other information to ensure the reliability and availability of real-time data and improve the security of data references. ;Supports historical recording and retrospective analysis of quality stamps and real-time values;

    Provide distributed algorithm scheduling technology based on algorithm block encapsulation, data-driven, and event-triggered, and a control programming language that complies with the IEC61131-3 standard. It integrates logic control, motion control, and process control into one, and develops and implements support for graphical programming (function blocks It is an integrated development environment that integrates diagram FBD, ladder diagram LD, sequence control language SFC) and text programming (structured text ST, instruction list IL) and multi-language hybrid programming. It supports the encapsulation, derivation and reuse of control algorithms and realizes the offline control of control algorithms. Configuration, online configuration, offline simulation and online debugging to improve programming efficiency;

    Implement network driver modules such as Modbus and ProfibusDP, use open and standardized OPC client and server interfaces, and use transparent network management technology to achieve data communication with third-party devices, build a real-time database of distributed engineering objects, and realize the integration of system data and external device data. Globally consistent and unified interfaces meet the information integration and interface open requirements of multi-real-time, multi-semantic, multi-temporal and multi-scale industrial data;

    GPS global satellite clock access uses the NTP network clock protocol to synchronize the system clocks of all control stations and operating stations; provides accurate clocks for sequence of events recording (SOE) between control stations; provides a unified reference clock for data recording between operating stations ;

    Provide a customizable and scalable algorithm library for the control engineering industry. Through design institutes, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, and industry users, we continuously refine expert knowledge and engineering experience, and continuously enrich the industry automation professional knowledge base. With domain knowledge as the main body, resources are available. Supported by a reusable and system reconfigurable architecture platform, and based on unified modeling specifications, through inheritance, derivation, reuse, and reconstruction mechanisms, project engineering design and programming development efficiency can be significantly improved; the control engineering industry algorithm library has both specific The universality and particularity of the automation application industry will be released regularly in the form of algorithm packages for the control engineering industry, which can be easily owned by the terminal simply by loading them;

    Follow the batch control and formula management of the SA-S88 international standard, decompose the production process and standardize the control logic, carry out equipment-based module packaging and process reconstruction; standardize the production process, improve production efficiency and equipment utilization; achieve safe production and reduce Production accidents (can eruption, leakage, cross-contamination, over-temperature, wrong materials, incorrect ingredients, wrong operations, etc.); separate control engineers and process engineers to implement encryption of batch production processes and key data parameters and prevent malicious tampering; Ensure equipment safety, process safety, and operational safety. Successfully solve the comprehensive automation needs of multi-variety, multi-batch, and small-batch smart manufacturing and smart factories in the process industry, effectively improving the competitiveness of enterprises;

    Engineering remote update is a function developed for engineering service personnel, which avoids the frustration of engineering personnel frequently traveling to the engineering site for minor configuration changes;

    The project collaborative configuration function is suitable for multi-person synchronous configuration operations of very large projects, allowing multiple people to coordinate information when configuring the same project simultaneously, greatly reducing the time for early engineering configuration;

    The as-built drawing drawing export function, after the engineering configuration, debugging, and start-up, an as-built drawing drawing that describes the project information in detail is indispensable;

    The real-time database has a new engineering object structure modeling method, which combines the original discrete recording points according to the control engineering or engineering object mechanism, and collaborates with the engineering control strategy and display operation panel to achieve programming reuse and improve programming maintenance efficiency;

    The rich device library and simple library management function allow users to easily install existing devices and easily improve the screen on the original basis;

    It supports the header and footer function of screen configuration, and the template style is similar to Microsoft Office PowerPoint, making the pages have a unified style but also a different look. It also supports arbitrary customization of the template;

    Supports installation-free remote interactive access to process screens. You can easily access the control site through an ordinary web browser, and control interactive operations through strict user authentication methods;

    The unique alarm sound system function makes the setting of alarm sound extremely flexible and convenient. With the alarm group and alarm level functions, the alarm sound can be clearly understood;

    The functional area and security area functions bundled with the user limit the operation permissions of project login users. The flexible and diverse combination methods can fully meet the complex personnel composition of the project site, and the safety of the project is fully protected.

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    Control Engineering Application Software Platform

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