Intrinsically Safe Dual-channel Digital Input Module

Intrinsically Safe Dual-channel Digital Input Module


The UW5863 intrinsically safe dual-channel digital input module from UWNTEK supplier can be directly connected to the dangerous side actuator to isolate and transmit electrical signals from the dangerous area to the safe area.

UW5863 Intrinsically Safe Dual-channel Digital Input Module realizes the inspection, latch and protection of dual-channel digital input data.

This Intrinsically Safe Dual-channel Digital Input Module has passed the inspection in accordance with GB3836.1 and GB3836.4 standards and obtained an explosion-proof certificate. It is suitable for installation and use in safe areas, and can be used with intrinsically safe equipment in Zones 0, 1 and 2 of explosive gas hazardous locations.

Functional features

Supports 2-way switch or proximity switch input, switching frequency <10Hz;

The short circuit current is about 8mA; the open circuit voltage is about 8.2V;

When the on-site switch is closed or the loop current is >2.1mA, it is a "1" signal; when the on-site switch is open or the loop current is <1.2mA, it is a "0" signal;

Online automatic diagnosis and operating status display, rapid identification of fault points, automatic identification of disconnections;

Complete isolation between modules and systems and between modules to keep out external interference;

Surge protection and online plug-in support circuit support module online plug-in and online replacement;

Low ripple, low temperature drift, high efficiency, high stability, high withstand voltage isolation power supply design, with multiple protections such as soft start, input short circuit protection, output power limit, and power distribution output current limit.

Technical parameters

parameter name Technical indicators
Rated input voltage 24VDC(18~36VDC)
input signal switch, proximity switch
short circuit current 8mA
open circuit voltage About 8.2V
Dielectric strength 2500Vac (1min)
Isolation impedance 20MΩ@500V
Dimensions 115mm×112mm×13mm
Installation Environment On-site installation should comply with the GB3836.15-2000 standard and be installed in a non-hazardous place, and there should be no strong vibration, impact, gas or dust that are corrosive to product components in the surrounding environment.
Note: For products that have passed the explosion-proof inspection, components and structures that affect the explosion-proof performance cannot be changed at will.
working environment Ambient temperature: -20℃~60℃
Relative humidity: 10%~90%RH (no condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: 80~110KPa
Explosion-proof signs [Ex ia Ga] IIC
Intrinsically safe parameters A and B terminals and C and D terminals:
Uo=10.5VDC, Io=13mA, Po=35mW, Um=250VAC/DC
IIC: Co=2.0uF, Lo=150mH;
IIB: Co=16.0uF, Lo=450mH;
IIA: Co=75.0uF, Lo=1000mH.
Intrinsically safe parameter matching principle
UW6763Intrinsically safe parameters Match condition Intrinsically safe instrument parameters + cable parameters
U0 Ui
I0 Ii
P0 Pi
C0 Ci+Cc
L0 Li+Lc

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