Training center


Hangzhou Uwntek Automation system co., LTD supported by industrial automation national engineering research center, Zhengjiang university ASEA traning center, Zhejiang university ASEA professional skills testing center,build joint user training base.Dr Wang wenhai has been apppointed to act as the member of Automation System Engineer Accreditation(ASEA) review board;the training and examination reference series Automation system professional technical foundation compiled by Dr Wang has been published by China Machine Press.

The traning center combines the theory base from Zhejiang university and the abudant practical experience , hires renowed experts with high responsibility and abudant knowledeg as the full-time or part time traning teachers for ASEA traning center, to share their theoratical and practical knowledge with society.

Besides corporate customer ,the traning center also work with relevant units and institutions to organize lectures and training on multi-stage automation system related knowledge in various forms. The training center invests more than three millon yuan in constructing simulation laboratory, , builts a training system platform which can simulate the field operation of multiple industries by DCS system and simulation system products and instruments, which can help trainee contact the products and master the use of all kinds of products, effectively check the trainees' learning results.

Our target is to develop training center into a automation system techinical training base with certain scale and reasonable content through unremittigng efforts, in which theoretical learning and parctice are combined,softwares and hardwares are complete and can run a long-term educational training base.


Total time 5 days Total class time 30 hours
Training lecturer Senior lecturer Training place Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University
Day one

Traning subject:Introductiom of UW500 common module and IO module

Day two

Traning subject;Type selection and cabinet instalaltion of UW500


◇ Introduction of company


◇ Selection and configuration ,network design of UW500 system

◇ Introduction of system structure and basisic knowledge

◇ UW500 Cabinet design and installation


◇ Introduction of UW500 common module


◇ Design practice

◇ Introduction of UW500 I/O module

◇ Installation practise

Day three

Traning topic;UWinTech sofatware upper computer configuration

Day four

Traninf topic:UWinTech surbordinate computer configuration


◇ Project setup and hardware configuration


◇ Man- machine interface configuration

◇ Database configuration and algorithm configuration

◇ Third party equipment communication,user management


◇ Operate practise


◇ Case demonstration and analysis

◇Visit:Techonology center,Laboratory and production base

◇Training practice

Day five

Traning subject:techinical exchange


◇ Hardware learning evaluation

A week of training was completed
To pass the theory and practice double item examination achievement qualified person, issue training qualification certificate


◇ Software learning evaluation


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