Complete service system

Hot line service: 400-007-0089

Field service:Send professional engineers to help customers solve  problems on the scene;

Replacement parts service:Including replacement parts technical consultation, quotation and sales;

The spot inspection service:Take special tools to the site to detect the system equipment, eliminate potential hazards;

Update service:Provide hardware, software, system network, system architecture optimization, configuration and debugging;

Years maintenance service:Assign professional engineers to the site regularly for system inspection, technical communication and support.

Strong service team

The industry professional technical personnel, rich project implementation and project management experience, provide professional technical consultation and on-site service.

Response time commitment

Respond in telephone, fax and other ways in half an hour when recieving emergency repair services;

Complete the corresponding work within three workdays when recieving maintenance products and ensure the quality of the products after maintenance;

Arrive at the scene within one day in province ,two days in domestic when recieving customer emergency rescue notice.

Intensive service network

The service branch of the company is spread all over the country, so that we can be closer to the users and provide the professional and prompt service to the users.

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