Multi-Platform Real-time Control Software

Multi-Platform Real-time Control Software

UWNTEK has a reasonable professional composition and solid knowledge scientific research accumulation and rich technical experience have formed a unique computer control system technology system, with 11 key core technologies in reliability design technology, data I/O technology, multi-platform real-time control software, real-time database technology, software platform technology and other key core technologies.

UWNTEK boasts a strong professional composition, backed by extensive scientific research and rich technical expertise. This foundation has led to the development of a distinctive computer control system technology framework. It encompasses 11 key core technologies, including reliability design, data I/O, multi-platform real-time control software, real-time database, and software platform technologies.

● Control engineering design and development platform based on multi-domain engineering object model;

● Refine expertise and engineering experience to build and enrich the control engineering industry algorithms library ;

● The reconfiguration and reuse mechanism of the industry algorithms library, will automatically generates the control program and improves the programming efficiency;

● Hardware resources browsing and monitoring, configuration and diagnostics, fault location to channel;

● Real-time data quality stamps ensure the reliability and availability of real-time data;

● Distributed global real-time database, building unified interface of system data and external data;

● Cluster distributed real-time database, data volume 10 million points, providing MES/ERP interface;

● Multi - language hybrid programming integrated development environment, support FBD, LD, SFC, ST, IL;

● Image gallery, user-defined panel, screen template, etc., generate vivid and intuitional images efficiently;

● Scripting language, load personalized function and convenient operation, build vivid scene picture;

● Engineering collaborative programming, multi-person synchronous programming of large projects, reduced front-end engineering  time;

● Engineering remote update to avoid the project personnel going back and forth frequently  for minor changes;

● The project completion chart is exported and the project completion drawing is automatically generated for site maintenance;

● Security control and security guard, realize reliable communication, abnormal detection, tampering block, etc;

● Web remote access, support PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and other intelligent terminals.

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