16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2

16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2


China UW5917S 16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2 implements functions such as bit value encapsulation, output latch, readback monitoring, comprehensive diagnosis, and safe voting of 16-channel digital level output signals, achieving high reliability, high availability, high security, Strong adaptability design.

16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2 Features:

The system automatically identifies the module type and enables plug-and-play;

The 16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2 adopts 1oo2D architecture, with two sets of channels independently outputting and mining diagnosis after safe voting;

Photoelectric isolation is used between the signal and the system, with an isolation voltage of 2000V;

Channels are isolated from each other, and channel failure does not affect the normal operation of other channels;

The system power distribution adopts a +24V power supply that is independent of the system power supply to ensure complete isolation from the system power supply;

Supports channel output bit value encapsulation, output latch control, output voting processing and other functions;

The channel adopts data output readback confirmation method to ensure the reliability of data output;

It is used for safety loops and has relatively complete module fault diagnosis functions, including power supply circuit over- and under-voltage diagnosis, channel fault diagnosis, channel safety failure diagnosis, main crystal oscillator diagnosis and other hardware diagnostic functions, as well as CPU diagnosis (general register diagnosis, stack pointer diagnosis , RAM diagnosis, Flash diagnosis, etc.), interrupt diagnosis, communication diagnosis, peripheral driver diagnosis and other software diagnostic functions;

When a module diagnoses a fault, the system quickly responds with safety actions corresponding to the fault to ensure production safety.

16-Channel Digital Level Output Safety Module SIL 2 Technical Parameters:

parameter name Technical indicators
Channel configuration 16 digital level outputs
Scan cycle 50ms
The output voltage Logic 1:24VDC, Logic 0:0VDC
Voltage drop when output is ON <3V
Output current Single channel: <100mA, module: <800mA
Leakage current when output is OFF <10mA
Minimum load requirements 10mA
Security system capabilities SC2
security integrity SIL2
Safety circuit fault diagnosis Load open circuit, short circuit, resistance value exceeds limit, output voltage exceeds limit, loop current exceeds limit
redundancy mechanism Hot standby 1:1 redundancy (optional), supports hot swap
EMC electromagnetic compatibility EN61326-3-1 (ESD/RS/EFT/SURGE/CS/DIP/CE/RE), Class 3a
Module size 118mm×32mm×112mm
Power consumption 1W
Distribution power consumption 16mA/CH @24VDC (safety relay is 15mA/CH)
Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
Matching terminal block UW5971S 4-unit input and output terminal block
UW5971S_ H DO safety relay NO contact output terminal block
UW5971S_ K DO relay NO contact safety output terminal block
Correspondence between terminals and channel codes in hardware configuration software
IO-0 Terminal label 00A PV0- 00B PV0- ...... 07A PV0- 07B PV0-
channel coding 00 01 ...... 14 15
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
IO-3 Terminal label 30A PV3- 30B PV3- ...... 37A PV3- 37B PV3-
channel coding 00 01 ...... 14 15

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