SIL 3 Safety Controller Module

SIL 3 Safety Controller Module


The UW5118S SIL 3 Safety Controller Module from UWNTEK supplier is the core processing unit of the UW510s safety control system. It performs the following safety control tasks: scans and reads the real-time safety voting data of each channel of the digital input module and analog input module; executes the safety control program programmed and generated by the user. The safety control program should be composed of a certified safety control algorithm module set and its algorithm link relationship; perform safety control operation output and send real-time output data to the digital output module; coordinate and process the comprehensive diagnosis and control calculation within the control station , monitoring operations, etc.; High reliability, high availability, high security, and strong adaptability design ensure that it is suitable for all types of complex security control Control strategy application.


The SIL 3 Safety Controller Module can be configured with a high-availability and high-security QMR quad redundant 2 oo 4 D architecture, or a high-security DMR dual redundant 1 oo 2 D architecture; realizing real-time data sampling, security control algorithm execution, and output real-time voting and other security-related functions; the module adopts 1oo1D architecture design, with built-in 2 independent security-specific high-performance processor chips, military-grade quality, respectively realizing security control and communication processing functions;

Provides complete real-time fault diagnosis, including input power supply overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent monitoring, diagnosis and protection, control CPU unit internal self-diagnosis and communication CPU unit auxiliary diagnosis. The module panel provides rich self-diagnosis and operating status information indication;

The control CPU unit is responsible for core real-time control functions and has self-diagnosis functions, including internal registers, RAM, program space, program and stack counters, interrupt processing, clocks and communications, etc. It controls the hardware window watchdog chip with an independent time base configured externally to the CPU. , periodically monitors the CPU operating status and provides fault diagnosis and reset functions;

The communication CPU unit is responsible for the information exchange between the control module and the programming monitoring station, and at the same time realizes the monitoring and diagnosis of the control CPU unit, including the working status of the control CPU, timing response, application operation execution, etc.;

Provides 3 normal working modes: running state, running programming state, and programming state, and 3 special working modes: initialization state, fail-safe state, and final safe state;

Integrated dual-channel 1Mbps CNet network controller and driver interface, dual redundant configuration, using CNetSafety control network security communication layer protocol, taking into account both security and availability;

Integrated dual-channel 100Mbps SNet network controller and driver interface, dual redundant configuration, and adopts SNetSafety functional safety real-time Ethernet communication protocol to ensure the real-time, security and availability of the system network;

Supports up to quadruple redundancy configuration, which can realize redundancy switching after fault diagnosis and improve system availability.

SIL 3 Safety Controller Module Technical Parameters:

parameter name Technical indicators
microprocessor Dual processor structure, embedded 32-bit CPU, 400MHz
control cycle 50ms, 100ms, 200ms, 500ms, 1s, 2s optional
control network CNet, dual redundancy, communication rate 1Mbps, CNetSafety protocol
system network SNet, dual redundancy (optional), communication rate 100Mbps, SNetSafety protocol
Security system capabilities SC3
security integrity SIL3
redundancy mechanism Hot standby redundancy
EMC electromagnetic and EN61326-3-1 (ESD/RS/EFT/SURGE/CS/DIP/CE/RE), Level 3a
capacitive 118mm×32mm×112mm
Module size 2. 5W
Power consumption -20. C~70. C
Operating temperature UW5179S_ K Safety control module programming lock
UW5179S safety control module dual redundant terminal block
UW5178S safety control module quadruple redundant terminal block

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