Modbus Communication Module

Modbus Communication Module


The UW5131 Modbus Communication Module provides 4 isolated and mutually isolated RS-485 communication interfaces, supports the ModbusRTU master station protocol, and realizes direct data transmission of 4 groups of independent or 2 groups of 1:1 redundant third-party intelligent devices (with Modbus communication capabilities) Connect to UW500 field control station.

In terms of hardware, it is composed of functional circuits such as an embedded industrial processor, real-time data memory, redundant control network CNet and its drive unit, 4-way serial communication controller and its isolated RS-485 interface; in terms of software, it is responsible for communication Communication scheduling, network diagnosis, network recovery, register mapping management, etc. between the module and third-party intelligent equipment, and data synchronization, equipment management, real-time database connection mapping, etc. with the control module are realized through the redundant control network CNet.

Modbus Communication Module Features:

Using an embedded microprocessor with industrial-grade quality, it provides powerful and stable Modbus communication scheduling management;

Integrated dual redundant 1Mbps CNet network controller and driver interface;

4-channel serial communication controller supports ModBusRTU master protocol and can be configured to form 4 groups of independent or 2 groups of 1:1 redundant communication interfaces;

4-way isolated RS-485 communication interface, complete electrical isolation between module and external equipment;

The communication interface has network failure protection function and ESD protection function to improve the reliability of the communication interface and network;

The system automatically identifies the module type and enables plug-and-play;

The module has an overcurrent protection function. When the input circuit of the module is too large due to its own fault, it has its own protection function. When the fault is eliminated, the module returns to normal operation;

UW5174 communication module matching terminal block can be configured.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter name Technical indicators
Communication interface 4-channel isolated RS-485
Communication protocol ModbusRTU master protocol
Communication interface load capacity 32 devices
Register size Al(input register):128
AO (holding register): 64
DI(input coil):128
DO (hold coil):128
Communication command scale 256 items
Redundant mode Dual group 1:1 redundancy
Communication distance 1km@4800bps
Isolation voltage 2000V@60S
Anti-interference EN61000-4-2 (ESD), Level 3
EN61000-4-3 (RS), Level 3
EN61000-4-4(EFT),Level 3
EN61000-4-5(Surge),Level 3
EN61000-4-6 (CS), Level 3
Module size 310mmx146mmx157mm
Power consumption 2.5W
Ambient temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Matching terminal block UW5174 Modbus communication module terminal block (Modbus RTU, 4 channels)

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