Bus-type Perception Control Intelligent Front-end

Bus-type Perception Control Intelligent Front-end


The bus-type perception control intelligent front-end is an intelligent device front-end that integrates bus communication technology and perception control functions. It uses bus technology to realize data communication and control between devices, and at the same time uses sensors to sense the environment, thereby achieving intelligent management and control of the device.

The main features of the bus-type perception control intelligent front-end include:

High-speed communication: Through bus technology, the intelligent front-end can achieve high-speed and stable data transmission to ensure the real-time and accuracy of information.

Distributed control: Bus technology enables the intelligent front-end to achieve distributed control, that is, each device can independently perform data processing and control operations, improving the flexibility and scalability of the system.

Intelligent perception: Built-in sensors enable the intelligent front-end to perceive changes in the environment in real time, and perform corresponding control operations based on the perceived data to achieve intelligent management of the environment.

Reliability and safety: Bus-type designs usually have high reliability and safety, and can effectively prevent failures and accidents.

In practical applications, bus-type perception control intelligent front-ends are widely used in industrial automation, intelligent buildings, environmental monitoring and other fields. It can realize interconnection between devices, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide support for intelligent decision-making.

With the continuous development of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technology, the functions and performance of bus-type perception control intelligent front-ends will be further improved, and its applications in various fields will become more extensive and in-depth. For example, in the field of industrial automation, the bus-type perception control intelligent front-end can realize precise control, data monitoring and fault warning of equipment, and improve the automation level of production lines; in the field of intelligent buildings, it can realize intelligent control, energy management and safety of building equipment. Monitor and improve building comfort and energy efficiency.

Parameter name UW2101 technical indicators
Operation processing Embedded 32-bit CPU, 120MHz, 128K RAM, 1MB NANDFLASH;
Communication interface 2-way isolated RS485;
Expandable UW2133 wireless GSM module realizes wireless communication;
Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU master protocol (number of slave nodes: 16), slave protocol
I/O configuration 6 analog inputs;
2 analog output;
6 digital inputs;
4 digital output;
Analog input 0~10V (1~4 channels), 0~20mA, Pt1000, Pt100, etc.; accuracy: 0.2%F.S.
Analog output 0~20mA, accuracy: 0.5%F.S., load capacity 750Ω;
Digital input Level signal input (high level 4~36V, low level less than 2V)
Counter (only channels 1 and 2), frequency input up to 30KHz
Digital output 4-channel relay passive contact output, contact capacity 1A/30VDC
Anti-interference EN61000-4-2(ESD), Level 3a;
EN61000-4-4(EFT), Level 3a;
EN61000-4-5(Surge), Level 3a;
Power supply 24VDC/24VAC 5W (if GSM wireless communication function is required, the overall power consumption is 10W);
Ambient temperature Operating temperature: -20℃-70℃;
Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃;
Dimensions 120mm×77mm×42mm; Weight: 220g
Other parameters 6 channels of Al can be used as DI (on <100Ω, off>1KΩ)
2 channels of AO can be used as DO (directly drive 24VDC intermediate relay)
Can support 4 module cascade;

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