Wireless Communication Module

Wireless Communication Module


The UWNTEK high quiality wireless communication module is an electronic device used to achieve wireless communication. It is based on radio technology and can realize wireless data transmission and communication connections between devices.

The wireless communication module is composed of radio frequency transceivers, modems, microcontrollers, antennas and other components. It can implement a series of operations such as signal modulation, demodulation, amplification, and filtering to facilitate wireless communication with other devices.

The main functions of the wireless communication module include supporting GPRS and SMS dual-channel data transmission, supporting multi-center data communication, collecting data from serial devices (such as serial instruments, collectors, PLC, etc.), supporting remote parameter settings and program upgrades, etc. Its working principle is mainly to convert digital signals into radio signals for transmission, and restore the radio signals to digital signals at the receiving end to achieve data transmission and communication connections.

There are various types of wireless communication modules, including wireless data transmission modules, wireless transceiver modules, ASK superheterodyne modules, etc. Each module has its specific application scenarios. At the same time, wireless communication modules are widely used in the Internet of Things, industrial automation, intelligent transportation and other fields, providing important technical support for wireless communication and data transmission between devices.

For example, in the Internet of Things, wireless communication modules can be embedded in various devices to achieve wireless communication between devices, thereby enabling data interaction and remote control between devices. In the field of industrial automation, wireless communication modules can realize remote monitoring and control between equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In the field of intelligent transportation, wireless communication modules can realize wireless communication between traffic lights, improve the coordination and intelligence of traffic signals, and can also be used for communication between vehicles to achieve coordinated driving between vehicles and traffic information. shared.

In addition, wireless communication modules usually have industrial designs and can adapt to harsh outdoor environments to ensure stability and reliability in various complex environments.

Module model UW2133_2G
Communication protocol Dual-band (Class4(2W@900 MHz); Class 1(1 W@1800MHz));
GSM/GPRS Phase2/2+ standard, integrated TCP/IP protocol; standard SIM card;
GPRS service GPRS CLASS 10, CLASS 8, CLASS B; downlink 85.6kbps; uplink 42.8kbps; supports PAP (Password Authentication Protocol), TCP/IP, PBCCH;
Short message service Support MO, MT, CB, TEXT, PDU; SMS storage device: SIM card
Receive sensitivity <107dBm;
Power supply Instant power 10W, sleep power 0.05W
Ambient temperature Working temperature: -20℃-70℃; Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃;
Dimensions 20mm×77mm×42mm; Weight: 40g

Module model UW2133_4G/NB
Transmit power GSM/GPRS power level: EGSM900:4(2W), DCS1800:1(1W) EDGE power level: EGSM900:E2(0.5W), DCS1800:E1(0.4W) LTE power level 3(0.25W)
Data transfer GPRS multi-time limit level 12, EDGE multi-time limit level 12
LTE category M: 300Kbps (DL), LTE category M: 375Kbps (UL), LTE category NB1: 34Kbps (DL), LTE category NB1: 66Kbps (UL)
Short message service Support MO, MT, CB, TEXT, PDU; SMS storage device: USIM card
Receive sensitivity EGSM900:<-109dBm;,DCS1800:<-109dBm;,
Power supply GSM instantaneous power 10W, LTE instantaneous power 3W
Ambient temperature Working temperature: -20℃-70℃; Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃;

Module model UW2133_433
Communication protocol simpliciT
Network structure Point-to-point or star structure
Center frequency 433MHz
Modulation method GFSK
Communication baud rate 1.2k-500kbps
Maximum number of devices on the network 128
Maximum number of hops for routing 4
Transmit power 33.5mA@10dBm
Distance Maximum 400m
Receive sensitivity -110dBm@1.2Kbps
Power supply 160mW
Ambient temperature Operating temperature: -20℃-70℃;
Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃;

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