CNet Redundant Secure Communication Module

CNet Redundant Secure Communication Module


The UW5811S CNet Redundant Secure Communication Module is the communication module of the UW5800S intrinsically safe functional safety I/O module unit, which realizes data communication between the IO module in the terminal block unit where this module is located and the UW500s/UW510s control module. This product is designed in accordance with GB/T20438 and IEC61508 standards, meets the relevant requirements of SIL3, and can be used in safety circuits.

CNet Redundant Secure Communication Module Features:

Built-in 2 independent high-performance processor chips, military-grade quality, to achieve redundant data communication functions;

Provide complete real-time fault diagnosis, and the module self-diagnosis and operating status information indication can be judged through the indicator light; realize in-site CNet communication with the control module, and support module CNet offline and online automatic recovery;

It has the module management and scheduling function within the I/O module unit to realize multi-module synchronous high-speed data collection and processing;

Integrated dual-channel 1Mbps CNet network controller and driver interface, dual redundant configuration, using CNetSafety control network security communication layer protocol, taking into account both security and availability;

Supports triple redundancy configuration, which can realize redundancy switching after fault diagnosis and improve system availability.

CNet Redundant Secure Communication Module Technical Parameters:

parameter name Technical indicators
CNetCommunication 2 channels, dual redundancy, communication rate 1Mbps
letter of agreement CNetSafety Agreement
redundancy mode Hot standby redundancy, support hot swap
EMC electromagnetic compatibility EN61326-3-1 (ESD/RS/EFT/SURGE/CS/DIP/CE/RE), Level 3a
Dimensions 115mm×112mm×13mm
Power consumption 2W
Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
Matching terminal block UW5876S intrinsically safe safety module integrated terminal block

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