Control Module

Control Module


The UW5111 control module is the core component of the control station and the computing and processing center of the control station. In terms of hardware, it is composed of functional modules such as embedded industrial CPU modules, real-time data storage, redundant SNet drive units and redundant CNet drive units; in terms of software , responsible for coordinating and processing the data exchange and control operations of all functional templates within the control station, such as I/O signal processing, loop control calculations, network communication processing, redundant diagnostic interaction and other functions. Powerful data computing and processing capabilities and standard industrial-grade hardware quality ensure that various complex control strategies can be implemented quickly and stably in industrial sites.


Adopts an embedded microprocessor, military-grade quality, main frequency 720MHz, 256MB data area, providing a powerful and stable data computing and processing platform;

Integrated dual-channel 1Mbps CNet network controller and driver interface, dual redundant configuration, ensuring the real-time and reliability of the control network;

Integrated dual-channel 100Mbps SNet network controller and driver interface, dual redundant configuration, ensuring the real-time and reliability of the system network;

Use CPLD to implement complex programmable logic, perform high-speed access operations and no-operation protection of peripherals, and ensure the convenience and reliability of program access;

The use of non-volatile ferroelectric memory technology ensures that real-time database data will not be lost when power is turned off, without the need for backup batteries, which improves system security and maintainability;

Adopting a real-time multi-task operating system, the control program and control algorithm adopt a modular design, and all core programs are solidified in EEPROM;

The module panel provides rich self-diagnosis and operating status information indication;

Through the control network CNet, a maximum of 64 communication nodes can be connected, which can process 2048 analog points or 4096 digital points;

The control strategy supports online configuration, online debugging, and power-off protection.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter name Technical indicators
Microprocessor Embedded 32-bit CPU, 720MHz
Memory capacity 256MDDR2 SDRAM
Data storage capacity 256MB NANDFLASH
Data storage capacity after power failure 128KB FeRAM
Computing power 2048 control loops/s
Scan cycle Digital quantity≥25ms, analog quantity≥50ms
CNet interface 2, communication rate 1Mbps
SNet interface 2, communication rate 100Mbps
Module size 118mm×32mm×112mm
Foolproof Dial Code AXAA
Power consumption 2.5W
Operating temperature -20C~60ºC
Matching terminal block UW7231 communication module
UW7172 dual redundant control module matching terminal block

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